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Maida Law Firm - Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston - Truck, Motorcycle & DUI Lawyers.
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Maida Law Firm - Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

Personal Injury Claims & Law Suits – Maida Law Firm
An Aggressive Personal Injury Attorney Will Handle Your Case – We Mean Business
A personal injury describes an instance in which someone is physically or emotionally injured, or when his ...

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How do I get the most money from a car accident?
Every car accident is different so the answer varies. But, in most cases it is important to preserve the evidence right away such as getting the contact information for any witnesses, taking photos of the auto accident damages, the scene of the co...

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Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn't my fault?
You are not required to hire a lawyer after a car accident that was not your fault. But doing so can help you get compensation for which you are eligible, and avoid liability for the crash. After a car accident, you may have to get y...

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COVID-19: Maida Law Firm Is Open and Fully Operational During This Crisis

Houston, TX – Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston has been providing premium quality legal representation to the members of the Houston, TX area and throughout the state of Texas who have been involved in...

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How long after a car accident can injuries appear?
Depending on the type of injuries involved, injuries often don’t appear until several days or even weeks after an accident.
Injuries to the spine such as back and neck injuries often do not appear right away and can get worse over time.

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If something has maliciously and blatantly wronged a person, a lawsuit will surely arise. But what if it was an accident? What if no one is to blame? What is no one seems to be at fault? Is there a lawsuit there? Can the injured person claim for damages? Certainl...

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Can I claim for anxiety after car accident?
If you have been injured in an auto accident, you can be compensated for anxiety that rises to the level of “Mental Anguish”.
Anxiety (or mental anguish) is evaluated on a case by case basis. You would likely need to show that the nature, duration, an...

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What is an accident injury?
An accident injury is sometimes known as an auto accident injury. Auto accident injuries are rarely caused by accident.
It is usually the result someone’s carelessness or failure to follow the applicable traffic laws.
If you have sustained an accident injury it is i...

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2 months ago
Sam Maida Law Firm Testimonial I want to take a moment to write a review/testimonial about the law firm that represented my son in a lawsuit that came about from a terrible car accident my son was in. About 2 years ago my Son was broadsided at an intersection by someone who ran a stop sign. He’s a 35 year old single father of a 6 year old daughter. The accident resulted in injuries that required multiple procedures and two surgeries. For two years my son was in so much pain he could hardly take care of his daughter. He could no longer perform his job. When this happened I recommended he hire a lawyer. My son was an independent contractor and did not have insurance. I knew his treatment was going to be expensive and he had no savings. He was too young to get substandard care when dealing with your neck and your back. He hired Maida Law Firm. He told me he chose them because of all the firms he called, theirs was the only office where he was able to speak “to the lawyers”....
- Ali C
2 years ago
The Maida Law firm was terrific in handling my vehicle accident case! I was very upset upon my accident, called the office, they took me in and it was very good after the initial start. Mrs. Maggie was my attorney and I have to say she was VERY good to me! Mr. Maida was also very helpful in other aspects of my case. The law firm is very nice office, staff is terrific, they help with EVERYTHING! I was always kept up to date on my case and just let them handle it. They are a SUPER law firm and I would recommend to anyone needing assistance. They are in a nice office space off 59 with plentiful parking. Thanks to the Maida Law Firm, I am the most happiest with my outcome and the way I was treated was #1
- PMTasha B
a month ago
The Maida Law Firm really knew exactly what they were doing in my case for sure! I am definitely happy with the outcome of the settlement and with the wonderful staff and professionalism they had in helping me with my case! I highly recommend them for any auto accident case you may ever get!
- Adrian L

Houston Auto Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorney and Lawyer in Houston

The world of lawsuits can be a very challenging one to navigate, and it takes years of experience, practice, and knowing all of the ins and outs of the industry in order to strike the highest chances of acquitting one’s clients in the courtroom. At Maida Law Firm, we take the route of solution-focused legal thinking in order to get our clients out of a tight spot without running afoul of the law. Right from the very moment you step into our office, we assure you that you will feel that you are in the right place. After all, our top priority is always our clients and backed by more than 24 years of proven success, we exude a sense of unparalleled confidence. 

One of the main reasons behind our success is attributed to the amount of time we spent right from the very beginning in order to know each of our client’s needs, followed up by asserting our experience, aggressiveness, and talents in order to fight for your case and deliver what you are looking for and deserve. We understand that being a success in the adversarial legal climate of today has no compromises, with meticulous preparation being the main foundation. Hence, our clients have always felt as though that their case is the only case being looked into by us.

Services Offered

  • Personal Injury Attorney 
  • Auto Accidents 
  • 18 Wheeler Accidents 
  • Injury Defense Attorney 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Construction Accidents 
  • Premise Liability 
  • Motorcycle Accidents 
  • Insurance Attorney 
  • Trail Attorney 
  • Medical Malpractice 
  • Drunk Driving Cases

We do provide legal services across multiple practice areas, but one of our outstanding areas of expertise would be the premier personal injury attorney in Houston, Tx. The very fact that we limit much of our practice to handling Personal Injury Law cases allows us to achieve nothing but the best possible results for our clients. At the Maida Law firm, our team of dedicated, experienced and professional lawyers is fully committed to seeking justice in every case, ensuring that each of our client’s legal rights is properly protected within the sphere of the law. The amount of experience amassed over the past two decades plus has allowed us to represent people in close to nearly every kind of circumstance, and we have addressed just about every type of issue.

Are you looking for an 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston, Tx? You have chosen wisely by checking us at Maida Law Firm out. It does not matter whether you are the injured party caused by an 18 wheeler, or there is a lawsuit pending against you, or if your legal case involves a large trucking company. We are more than ready to stand by the claim of being Houston's best truck accident lawyer with a team of undefeated attorneys at Maida Law. Accidents always happen unannounced, even though we do our utmost best to drive as safely as possible. There are times when such accidents require legal assistance, and getting the best lawyers in town to do so is always the best course of action as opposed to managing a case on your own. After all, forging ahead by yourself can be an extremely tough task and a draining one (financially and emotionally), since these vehicles tend to come under the ownership of large and established companies who may doom your case without a seasoned personal injury attorney standing by your side. In the event that you are severely wounded in a truck accident in Houston, always obtain the assistance of a personal injury lawyer before delivering any written or recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. We understand that there is a myriad of factors that have to be taken into account with accidents, and 18 Wheeler Accidents tend to involve some responsibility in more than one person. Hence, our personal injury lawyers will always do their very best to ensure that our clients will have the optimal chance of obtaining adequate compensation when it concerns the loss of wages or work, injuries, and disability.

Nobody likes to get involved in an auto accident, but there are times in life when such an event is unavoidable. Should such an unfortunate event happen to you, it is always best to have the phone number of a lawyer who knows everything about auto accident cases in Houston, Tx. As a local law firm in Houston, we specialize in trucking and auto collision accidents, and a quick phone call to us will give us the window of opportunity to gather the evidence as quickly as possible. We would also be able to deal with a witness at the scene of the accident, garnering all of the little details that many people overlook in order to fully understand the situation before obtaining the best outcome for our clients. Our scope of work includes relationships with the best investigators, technology experts, re-constructionists and physicians in the Houston area. 

We are sure that you would have come across many instances of wrongful death suits in Houston, Tx. You might even be embroiled in one right now, and would like to seek a way out of the sticky situation. At Maida Law Firm, we have been involved in wrongful death suits for a long time now, helping out those who have lost a loved one in an event that can be attributed to recklessness or negligence of another. Our highly qualified and experienced individuals do specialize in various disciplines, and we know all of the legal requirements that are in place to approach a claim of a specific cause. From there, we follow it up accordingly so that our client will be able to obtain the rightful compensation.

While there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, we stand by our guarantee that you will not be charged any fees or expenses whatsoever, unless we win your case in court. You will not be able to find a better offer out there in the market, and with our degree of confidence in handling all kinds of different cases as a Houston, Tx trial attorney, you can be sure that you will be in good hands. We look forward to hearing from you, so give us a tinkle today at 713-785-9484 in order to set up an appointment, and we will be pleased as punch to answer any questions that you might have concerning your case.

Auto Accident Cases
Simple! We Win. Experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney’s with Proven Results!
  • Have You Been Injured in an Accident?
  • Free Consultation
  • Are you a Victim?
  • Do you have Physical Damage?
  • Emotional Damage from being hit by a Truck or Car?

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer
Are you ready to Hire Houston’s best Truck Accident Lawyer?
  • Have you been Injured by an 18 Wheeler?
  • Is there a Law Suit Pending AGAINST YOU?
  • Is your Legal Case involve a Large Trucking Company?
  • Undefeated Attorneys at Maida Law
Although we all try to drive as safely as we can, sometimes we have accidents that require legal assistance.

  • Injured in a Car Accident?
  • Trucking Incident left you paying the medical bills?
  • Trucking Accident
  • Car – Auto Wrecks
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Law Suits
  • Premise Liability Cases
If something has maliciously and blatantly wronged a person, a lawsuit will surely arise. But what if it was an accident? What if no one is to blame? What is no one seems to be at fault? Is there a lawsuit there? Can the injured person claim for damages? Certainly, yes! In Houston, Texas, there are law firms or a personal injury attorney,Houston, Tx that cater to these kinds of cases. These kinds are civil cases called personal injury claims.

Hire a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to WIN Your Case!
  • Top Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney
  • Free Consultation for your Claim
  • Have you been involved in an Accident involving a Motorcycle Driver?
  • Maida Law Firm Specializing in Law Suits for Motor Bike Accidents.
  • Motorcycle riding has become very common activity today for a number of reasons.

Drunk Driving Cases

Charged with a DUI-DWI Drunk Driving Lawsuit

  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
  • DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
  • Free Consultation for your Case or Lawsuit
Drunk Driving Case is a Serious Crime That Requires You To Hire a Defense AttorneyWhen people are accused of a crime, one of the best course to take is to hire a good lawyer. The idea of ??hiring a lawyer may not be difficult at all. However, selecting the right type of lawyer that can give you a better chance of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case is where the challenge lies. Most people find the task of selecting the best lawyer for Drunk Driving to be difficult and stressful. But, getting a competent and experienced lawyer on your side is very crucial; A person should take this task seriously and give it the right amount of time to consider even if there are no injuries that occurred.  

Construction Accidents
Are you Involved in a Major Lawsuit from a Workplace Injury?
  • Are you a Construction Worker?
  • Have you been injured on the Job?
  • Free Consultation for your Claim
Accidents at workJust because they have been injured in the workplace does not mean that they are limited to employer’s unsatisfactory work injury insurance. Workplace accidents can come in many forms.

Injury Defense Attorney
Why it is a Good Idea to Hire a Professional Law Firm for your Injury Defense Case!
  • Personal Injury-Houston Lawyer’s (Local)
  • Free Consultation for your Claim
  • Have you Been in a Car Wreck?
  • Are You in Need of a Consultation for Your Trucking Accident?
In the normal course of the day, we engage in numerous activities for various reasons, it may be to earn a living, for recreational purposes while some just happen.

Contact Maida Law Firm for all your Houston personal Injury Attorney service needs.

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